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Happiness, Compassion & Sustainability
A strategic gathering

Tentative schedule

A printable PDF version of this schedule, with additional information, is now available for download: Happiness2012program.pdf

Thursday, August 23
All day: Train the trainer workshop led by Laura Musikanski

Friday, August 24
Morning: Train the trainer workshop continues

12:00 Registration opens - Campion Ballroom
1:00 Welcome April Atwood
1:10 Why we are here: Vision and conference goals John de Graaf
1:35 GNH: The UN challenge Moderator: Orna Locker
1:40 Sustainability & GNH Robert Costanza
2:00 The importance of altruism, compassion and taming the mind Connie Moffit
2:15 GNHUSA Tom Barefoot
2:30 Video: GNH in Brazil
2:45 Panelist discussion
3:00 Break
3:30 The Happiness Initiative Moderator: Sekai Senwosret
Introduction to the Happiness Initiative Laura Musikanski
KCTS Video
The survey and key results Ryan Howell
HI in one community Reinette Senum
4:30 Compassionate cities / Happy cities Rita Hibbard, Jeff Vander Clute
4:55 Pursuit of happiness day Maureen Wilt, Tom Barefoot
5:20 Introductions in small groups
6:00 Dinner break
7:30 Reception / mixer

Saturday, August 25
Pigott Auditorium & Classrooms

8:30 Welcome Laura Musikanski
8:45 Our tasks for today Cecile Andrews
9:00 Domain workshops
(1) Material Well-Being &
Vicki Robin, Dave Batker, Noelani Dubeta, Jessie Dye
(2) Health &
Mental Health
Judith Lipton, Stephen Bezruchka, Alejandra Suarez, David Levy
(3) Work &
Time Balance
Brittany Faulkner, John de Graaf, Charles Sylvester, Becky Gould, Cathy O'Keefe
(4) Arts and Culture &
Karin de Weille, Anjani Millet, Alicia Crawford, Barak Rosenbloom
(5) Community &
Reinette Senum, Laura Cava Northrop, Don Miller, Cecile Andrews, Jennifer Lail
10:30 Break
10:45 Action workshops
(1) HI in communities Laura Musikanski, Jeff Vander Clute, Reinette Senum, James Hong
(2) HI on campuses Pete Wangwongwiroj, Andrew Cozin, Becky Gould, Maureen Wilt
(3) Conference 2013 Orna Locker, April Atwood, John de Graaf
(4) Funding Sekai Senwosret
(5) Partnerships and outreach part 1 Kimberly King, Jessica Bonebright
12:15 Lunch / regional meetings / open space
1:45 Keynote Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss
2:30 Action workshops 2
(1) Pursuit of happiness day John de Graaf, Maureen Wilt, Tom Barefoot
(2) Spreading the word - message and media Bonnie Duncan, Zack Walsh, Jessica Landsfield, Michael Maine
(3) Partnerships and outreach part 2 Laura Musikanski, Sekai Senwosret, Yaffa Maritz, Jackie O'Ryan
(4) Promoting personal happiness Ginny Sassaman, Scott Crabtree, Steve Poland
(5) Measuring what matters Maggie Murphy, Ryan Howell, John Kester, Talita Greyling, Eldan Goldenberg
4:00 Break
4:15 Small group evaluations
5:00 Final reports from action workshops
6:15 Dinner
8:00 Film: The Fire Inside, with filmmaker Becky Gould
9:00 Goodbyes
9:30 Conference officially ends

For more information contact: con2012@sustainableseattle.org.

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