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Happiness, Compassion & Sustainability
A strategic gathering

Community Happiness Trainers' special event August 23-24

When: August 23 (full day) & 24 (half day), 2012
Where: Seattle University

$120 before August 1. $150 after August 1.
Students, underemployed and low-income: $70 before August 1. $90 after August

Register online: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/247599
Note: Registration is limited to 20 people!
Instructors: Laura Musikanski, John de Graaf, Sekai Senwosret, Connie Moffit, Zack Walsh, Tracy McDonald and potential special guest appearances.

Room and Board will be offerend through Seattle University at a reasonable rate, see our accommodations page or contact con2012@sustainableseattle.org for details.

Learn and share in an interactive and compassionate setting. This training will give you the tools, knowledge and resources to conduct a happiness initiative in your city, community, business or other organization. We will cover all the steps to conduct a happiness initiative. Topics range from the logistics of conducting a happiness initiative, to trouble shooting and taking a project to the next level. Areas covered include team building, conducting the survey, media and communications, objective metrics, data gathering, report writing, town meeting planning and facilitation, project management, individual happiness projects, community happy projects, public relations and marketing and fundraising.

Mindfulness for Happiness: starting the day – 30 minutes. We will start the day with an optional mindfulness instruction/practice – 10 min instruction; 15 min practice, 5 min break before the training. This will be optional.

Happiness Talks: a lesson in action - 2 hours. - We will give the happiness talk that has been presented at Bioneers, Balaton Group, and at many non-profits and campuses. The aim of this talk will be for participants to walk away able to give these sessions. We will give pointers at critical junctures and discuss the session in a group setting. The presentation slides will be handed out, and the last day, people will give this session to each other as a "graduation" ceremony.

Who, What, Why and Where: the Global Happiness and Wellbeing Movement – 2 hours - This session will cover the science, policy and civic actions behind the happiness movement. We will review activities at the governmental level in Bhutan, the UK, Brazil and France. We will delve into the science that supports this movement, and provide resources for the participants use. The importance and need for subjective metrics will be explored. We will then survey the various NGOs in the EU and the US active in the GNH movement. We will finish with small team and all group discussions about the science, policy and civic action, and how to communicate this to those who are not aware of the movement, from scientists, policy makers and the media to everyday people.

How to Conduct a Happiness Initiative: the nuts and bolts – 1.5 hours- We will go over the logistics of conducting a happiness initiative. This includes team building, timelines, subjective metrics, including the need for subjective metrics, and review of wellbeing surveys, objective indicators, happiness report card writing and levels of data analysis, conducting outreach to immigrant and refugee and other underserved peoples, conducting town meetings, projects and policy changes & final comprehensive report writing.

Day one wrap-up: Lessons learned from the day – 2 hours - Small groups will form to discuss the lessons and questions they have from the day. They will put together brief presentations of the key points they learned and the main issues, questions or comments they have. Following each presentation will be a brief discussion.

Overnight: Teams will be given materials for their preparation for their presentations the next day. A formal or informal session to address and explore mindfulness and happiness will be coordinated and all will be invited to it.

Day Two: 9 am (8:30 optional) - noon
Mindfulness for Happiness: Starting the day
– 30 minutes. - We will start the day with an optional mindfulness instruction/practice. This will be optional.

Compassion, Altruism and Happiness: exploring the link – 1.5 hours We will revisit the global happiness and wellbeing movement launched this April at the UN NYC headquarters, and the connection between well-being and compassion & altruism. We will survey positive psychology findings. This session will end with a focused discussion on integrating compassion and altruism into a happiness initiative.

Happiness Talks: participants in action – 1.5 hours - Each team will have 15 minutes to present a mini-happiness talk using the materials and lessons from the prior day. The sessions will be followed by a facilitated appreciative inquiry of the participants presentation with the aim of gathering more ideas, tools and resources from all the participants that each can use in their work.

Purchase train the trainer tickets here.

For more information contact: con2012@sustainableseattle.org.


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